DIY picture display

Here’s a fun frame-repurpose project!  (Inspiration here.) I used Printstagram to print out some of my favorite Instagram shots.  They came on a nice, heavy paper with a great matte finish. Highly recommend using them!  $12 for 24 prints; with shipping the total price is closer to $20. (Prinstagram doesn’t know I exist, I was […]

Be Merry

Excited that Christmas Cards have started arriving! I made this burlap “Be Merry” banner to display our cards. It was quick and easy – I just used no-sew heat and bond to adhere the letters to the burlap, and sewed the pennants to some red quilt binding. (Because it’s what I had; ribbon would work […]

second cousins

I had to google to figure it out, but these cute girls are second cousins! (Is that right?  My daughter and my first cousin’s daughter are second cousins?  It’s rather confusing….) Anyway…my mom, cousin, and her daughter made the 8+ hour trek from Tulsa to Lubbock for a visit!  We got rained in, so we decided […]

Bird Nest Necklace

How cute is this “Mama Bird” nest necklace, with three little eggs for my three little birdies?!? And, of course, I saw the tutorial for making this precious pendant on Pinterest. (I have never made jewelry unless you count braided friendship bracelets in sixth grade, but this was a quick, easy project.) I made a […]


All the cute DIY wreaths on Pinterest inspired my friends and I to have a wreath-making party!  Jonathan was out of town this week, so I hosted our crafty evening here at the house, and we coffee-ed and talked and wreath-ed until the wee hours.  Good times. I have amazing friends.  I remember a time […]


The kids asked to make a lemonade stand, so I found an old sheet and some yellow paint and set them to work. They decided to give away free lemonade, and went one evening and knocked on the neighbors’ doors offering “a cool, sweet, free glass of refreshing lemonade” at their stand.  (Seriously, who’s gonna […]