Sun and Sea

I see God in the wonder of His creation.  I feel His presence and hear Him speak when I am taking in the wonder of what He has made.  I’m glad my worship doesn’t stop there; with nature.  I’m grateful, so grateful, for the recognition that I am a desperate sinner, in need of a […]

All dressed up.

My mid-kid told me he dressed up for Mother’s Day… and he was being completely sincere. Cargo pants instead of basketball shorts… so in his mind he might as well be wearing a suit and tie. Love that scrappy kid! Thankful today for all the Mom’s in my life. So many great lessons have been […]

the good stuff

When you’re married a while,  you go through some stuff. Wonderful stuff. Benign stuff. Hard stuff. Mundane stuff. There are seasons (hopefully short ones) when the things that annoy you about your spouse seem to define your perspective. What may in reality be just little annoyances suddenly seem like big offenses. Then there are seasons, […]

The girls.

A good friend. Headstrong. Difficultly admitting she’s wrong or being corrected. Follows the rules. Loyal to a fault. Loves to sing, no matter the song. Likes the attention of one Jonathan Cliff. Enjoys staying in PJs late on Saturdays. Doesn’t like to be embarrassed,  unless it’s a carefully orchestrated performance variety embarrassment. Yep. All of […]