to edify

edify: to teach (someone) in a way that improves the mind or character Kids.  They’re little humans with issues like all of us.  My oldest is a tween who is sometimes moody. My middle kid sometimes has a disrespectful attitude.  And my youngest can be self-centered and quick to complain. We’re trying to address these things, […]

In summer

Homemade ice cream. Mornings on the porch with coffee and the dawn song of birds singing. Visits from family and friends; highly anticipated,  and always better than hoped for. Floating the river. Baseball games. The pool. Bright nail polish. Big beach hats. Georgia awash in green. Fireflies temping us outside…mosquitoes driving us back in. Sweet […]

the ol’ noggin

“OKAY BRAIN.  KNOCK IT OFF!” Anyone else fight off ruminating thoughts?  Circular fake conversations in your mind? Dwelling on an issue ad nauseam? ad nauseam: a Latin term for a discussion that has  continued so long that it has continued “to [the point of] nausea”. I have.  I think we all do it to some degree. […]

the simple things

It really is the simple things that make life sweet. My boys caught a bunch of tadpoles in a small creek that runs behind our house.  Those smelly, slimy weird looking little not-quite-frogs sure did take me back to memories of myself at their age.  Me and my friend Amy used to spend hours catching […]

Not so rough roughing it.

Though our love of state parks, hiking, fishing, and picnicking is well-documented, we had never actually taken the kids overnight camping.  We remedied that last weekend! We picked a favorite day trip spot, Victoria Bryant State Park.  Favored for it’s great picnic sites and fun shoals, the camping area did not disappoint!  It was a […]