Life Skills

One day last month or so (I promise, it feels like last month) I was teaching him to count pennies, nickels, dimes and quarters. And then one day I glanced up and his Dad is teaching him how to manage his new checking account from his phone. He’s 15 this month, and he has a bank account, and I wanna cry […]

Creating a Rule of Life

A friend gifted me a liturgical day planner called “Sacred Ordinary Days.” The word liturgical has previously felt mostly like a mystery to me. I’m not familiar with liturgical worship services or traditions; however, I am appreciating the sweet solace in ordinary quiet rhythms, and feeling a pull toward ancient rituals and solemn, holy routine.  Reading excerpts from […]

The Loneliest Stage

Mom’s of toddlers make an event of sharing the maddening, but ultimately laughable, stories of mayhem and destruction that the 5 and under set wreak upon our lives. In this stage of mothering, the rare coffee date with a group of friends explodes into laughter over the mischievous tales of your rambunctious toddler. Even the […]

Morning Mommy

Y’all. I timed it. It takes me approximately 17 minutes to run a brush through my hair and slap on a bit of makeup, and transform from scary Picture A to normal Picture B. So,  my dear middle school boys,  I apologize for perpetually dropping you off at Middle School as version A. I know […]