Not so rough roughing it.

Though our love of state parks, hiking, fishing, and picnicking is well-documented, we had never actually taken the kids overnight camping.  We remedied that last weekend!

We picked a favorite day trip spot, Victoria Bryant State Park.  Favored for it’s great picnic sites and fun shoals, the camping area did not disappoint!  It was a pretty posh set up as far as tent camping.  A raised platform with a roof, water, electric outlets, and a fire pit with a grate for cooking.  Not exactly primitive, but a great way to ease into overnight camping.  Fun, fun, fun!!!  You too can think camping is “fun x 3!!!” when you have someone else who hauls all the junk from the van to the camp site, sets up the tent, makes the fire, puts bait on the fishing hooks, and does all the other grunt work.  If you can get him, I highly recommend Jonathan Cliff as your personal camp-set-up man.

A friend reminded me that “hobo dinners” make great camp food, so we had a fun make-your-own dinner over the fire.  
Hobo Dinner
heavy duty foil
smoked sausage (we like spicy)
diced potatoes
sliced yellow onion
bell peppers
salt and pepper
Place ingredients in a large foil square and wrap up tight.  Cook on grate, or if a fire grate is not available place directly in hot coals.  Cook until veggies are soft, about 30 minutes.
We also saved some leftover diced potatoes and reheated them in the morning to eat with our bacon and scrambled eggs.  Something about breakfast cooked in a cast iron skillet over the fire – yum. 
We will definitely be doing more camping in the future.  The kids did great in the tent; snoozed all night long.  We had one funny moment, right as everyone was drifting off, that Lauryn said, “Mom, let go of my foot.”  “Umm…Lauryn I don’t have your foot.”  Ha!  She thought I was holding onto her foot when really it was just wrapped up tightly in her blanket, and it made for a funny, psuedo-scary moment that gave us all the giggles. Love those memories!
Click here for video of Ryan sliding down these shoals. 

fire = endless entertainment

Looking so cute and grown-up…even while grimy from camp-fun.

The boys brought me a wildflower bouquet picked on their hike.  Bee-you-ti-ful.

2 comments on “Not so rough roughing it.

  1. I have never desired to go camping, but this raised platform, electrical outlet set-up is something I can get behind in order to make family memories! Seriously, it looks like a lot of fun!

  2. I would do that kind of camping! Especially if I didn’t have to haul stuff, set up the tent, etc. 🙂

    Lauryn looks so big in that picture! Such long legs – lucky duck!

    What a fun time!

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