the good stuff

When you’re married a while,  you go through some stuff. Wonderful stuff. Benign stuff. Hard stuff. Mundane stuff.
There are seasons (hopefully short ones) when the things that annoy you about your spouse seem to define your perspective. What may in reality be just little annoyances suddenly seem like big offenses.
Then there are seasons, generally the hard ones, when the little annoyances fall away,  and you don’t notice them at all. In those hard seasons you get to see what someone is really,  truly,  about. You remember why you were so head over heels in love in the first place.
I hope that sometimes you let yourself be amazed by your spouse. I hope you reflect on all the things they get right. I hope you step back and just appreciate the heck out of them.
I have had occasion recently to see what my husband is really made of,  and I’m so crazy grateful. 

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