Then and now.

Do you ever feel like nothing has changed….while simultaneously feeling like everything has changed?

It’s weird. I know. But a sentiment I bet anyone married for a decade or two understands. 
Those couples on the right and left, they’re the same people. But also not. 
Looking at those two on the left from 1996. Oh man. I know them so well, but they kinda feel like old friends you haven’t seen in a while. Those two were born and bred Oklahomans, never living farther than an hour and a half from home. They had 5 living grandparents, all of whom would attend their wedding in a year and a half or so. They didn’t look for friends or influence too far outside a circle of people who looked and thought and dressed and worshipped pretty much just like they did.  They wanted adventure but had a shallow understanding of what adventure really means. 
Those two on the right. They’ve moved to Georgia. Those jokers on the left might not have been able to find Georgia on a map, and certainly knew nothing of it’s beauty and history. The two on the right have suffered the heartache of losing some of those precious grandparents who were there to celebrate the “I do” of the ones on the left. The ones on the right are learning to look beyond an educational and socio-economic homogeneous world; trying to expand their circle to include people who don’t look or think or worship exactly like they do. Trying. And they know something of adventure. They know it comes from laying down your pride and loving well when you want to give up. They know it comes from offering your heart and home to kids who are hard to love but to whom it’s even harder to say goodbye. They know adventure is trusting their lives and their childrens’ lives to the One who numbers their days. Knowing they will live out every one of those days and not a single one more. Adventure is living with the truth that we all get one shot at this life and trying to make it count for something. Those two on the left wouldn’t have known to define adventure that way. As a daily offering up of ourselves to the One who made us. But it is. Adventure that is. Oh, it is. 
Those two on the left have learned so much in the last 15 or so years. And those two jokers on the right have so much to learn in the next 15. 

2 comments on “Then and now.

  1. love this post, friend.
    Haven’t we all learned so much in 17 years???!!!

    You guys haven’t aged AT ALL.

    AND, we’re so glad you’re here in GA…this ride wouldn’t be the same without you guys!

  2. That is a thoughtful post, very interesting comparison. I love that in the left picture you are so very obviously IN LOVE đŸ™‚ It’s taken you guys far!

    PS: Just realized I fell off my latest blog reader ?? many months ago, and have much to catch up on here. Oh joy!

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