Life lessons from rubber band bracelet making.

It’s better to follow the directions or ask for help. Listen to the people who’ve done it before.

If you don’t read directions and manage to screw everything up, you can start over. 
Some people can make better bracelets than you. It just means they’ve been doing it longer and have more practice. You’ll get there. 
Don’t throw fits when things don’t work out as planned. It makes things worse and you lose opportunities. (In the case of the Rainbow Loom, the loom sits on a shelf in your mom’s closet for a while. In real life…throwing fits might get YOU shelved while someone else gets a shot.)
The better the end result, the longer it takes. 
If you leave rubber bands all over the floor and your mom or dad has to pick them up, they get thrown away. [That one doesn’t really have a parallel life lesson. It’s just true.]

3 comments on “Life lessons from rubber band bracelet making.

  1. My 5 year old begged for one this Christmas and I did not know it required breathing into a paper bag when she uses it. MY WORD. Lots of life lessons with this thing, for sure.

    By the way, I’m Anna. I read all the time, but usually on my phone. I’m not only craft-challenged, but also smartphone-typing-challenged. 🙂 I love your blog. Found you through Valerie P.

  2. hilarious.
    that rainbow loom was worth every penny of the investment we made. it has occupied my kids (all of them!) for hours on end.

    nothing sweeter than listening to them talk while they’re making stuff…well, until one of them thinks another one is hogging too much of one color…then it goes south QUICK.

  3. “The better the end result, the longer it takes.”

    That’s totally stopping me in my tracks. TRUE! Not liking the kitchen implications here. Still entirely true.

    I love the bracelet she’s modeling.

    (typing numbers in the prove you’re not a robot section: WAY EASIER!!!! yay!!!)

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