This past weekend we had a great visit from Jonathan’s parents, known as Papaw and Mo to the kiddos.

Jonathan had asked his parents to bring some family pictures and tell the kids a little bit about their family history.  Living far away from our Oklahoma roots, there’s not as many chances for the kids to pick up family history by chance, along the way. We want them to know they are part of a bigger story; plus, it’s just plain fun to hear that wild family tale about the crazy antics of Great-Great-Grandpappy so-and-so.  Details to remain confidential….but plenty of shotguns, scandals, and mayhem to keep the kids interested! 

Among my favorite photos are the ones of Jonathan’s late Grandfather in his Air Force Uniform.  I had the good fortune of meeting Grandpa Doug and Granee Mamye soon after Jonathan and I started dating. After my HS graduation, Jonathan and I took a road trip to visit them at their home in Tennessee.  They then moved to Las Vegas, and we flew out to introduce them to Ryan when he was just 2 months old.  It was pure joy to see Doug enjoy and delight in his first great-grandchild.  Dylan, too, brought him lots of laughs and smiles.  He passed away before Lauryn was born; I know he would have gotten a huge kick out of her!
Doug and I, we were big fans of each other.  Looking over snapshots of his life reminds me I am grateful for the chance to have known him.

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