DIY picture display

Here’s a fun frame-repurpose project!  (Inspiration here.)

I used Printstagram to print out some of my favorite Instagram shots.  They came on a nice, heavy paper with a great matte finish. Highly recommend using them!  $12 for 24 prints; with shipping the total price is closer to $20. (Prinstagram doesn’t know I exist, I was just happy with their product and service.)

I love how this project turned out!  Jonathan readied the frame for me by pulling out the industrial-sized staples holding in the glass and print that the frame originally held.  He also screwed in the wire eyelet holders and attached the wires. So basically he did everything except attach the pictures.  Nice to have a helpful man who knows how to use needle-nose pliers and a wire cutter!

This project served as a nice “year in review”, displaying some fun moments from last year!  Can’t wait to order more images as we see what 2013 holds….

Displayed in the kitchen/breakfast nook area.  Taken last night at 11pm on my phone, with poor lighting..Imagine it brighter and more sunshine-y!

I have plans to eventually place a small buffet on this wall. I hope to find a thrift store piece I can paint and distress, like the table you see there on the left.  That post is coming tomorrow…

3 comments on “DIY picture display

  1. fun. you could even staple fabric to the background to make the photos pop even more? i’m searching for buffets also. picky. and cheap. kinda hoping for a free to a good home type. folks around here seem to think their stuff is too fab for that type of offer so far. :/

  2. That looks really cool!! You gave me a great idea!!! Because our bedroom has no wall space (it’s almost all built-in closets and our bed), there was nowhere to put my jewelry box. Just yesterday, I hung all my necklaces in a little alcove on the wall all staggered, and it actually looks pretty neat, but it’d look even better with a frame around it like you did with these photos! Thanks!! 🙂

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