House Hunting

Looking for a new home exposes the brat in me.  The thoughts of “if only we had a little more money” creep in so easily when house-hunting.  Might I add that it’s been that way since we purchased our very first home, and our home shopping budget is easily 3x what it was way back then.  My 24 year old self would be slack jawed and in awe of the homes my 34 year old self considers purchasing.

So yesterday evening was spent in a state of bratiness.  I was a bit mopey because we’ve been house shopping for a few weeks now and just can’t seem to find the right house that is also in the right price range.  I’m so ready to purchase something and be out of this rental and feel like we can start to “settle.”

Cut to this morning: When I opened my fridge today to grab the half and half for my coffee, I really SAW those shelves.  God wiped away an amiss point of view like He was wiping the smudges off a mirror.  I really saw that fridge.  Like in a movie where everything except what’s dead center of the screen goes blurry, and the center is in perfect focus.  I saw those shelves packed full of food from grocery shopping yesterday. I felt like God dumped such a heavy load of gratitude on me for all that food, all that met need, that the thankfulness was almost to much to bear.

I am so, so thankful.  I will have food.  I will have shelter.  My food and my shelter will go so far beyond the realm of just met need and into the realm of indulgence, that most of the world will never experience luxury like what I live with every day.

I am, gratefully, forgiven for my bratiness and ready for a new day, and a new point of view.  Bring on the house-hunting.  I pray my house will be a place where love is felt and Christ is honored.  That can happen in any square footage.

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