Choosing good over great.

I am, happily, posting here at Lost in Laundry a bit more frequently lately!  Have you noticed? I started this little blog (over FIVE years ago! Crazy!) as a place for family and close friends across the miles to check in on us, and keep up with the Cliff Crew from afar.  I also wanted a place just for me; a place to hold some of my memories, since they leak out of my brain more rapidly than I’d like.

But somewhere along the way I developed serious blog envy.  I enjoy reading lots of amazing blogs with beautiful photography, lovely craft tutorials, and inspiring accounts of a life well-lived.  I think I subconsciously wanted to create posts more like those.

Except…I generally snap photos with my iPhone instead of a dSLR, I already share 100% of any crafty projects I happen to complete which only provides about 3 posts a year, and frankly I don’t always have inspirational accounts to share.

Wow.  What a relief to figure that out.  Ha!  So, I’m back to my blog personality matching my real personality.  Which means hastily snapped photos not all that well edited, posting hasty blogs from the app on my phone, sharing fun stories about my kids that only grandparents would care about, and random musings that matter to me and that I don’t want to forget.

So, hello again! It’s great to be back!

Like my Georgia shirt?  Yeah.  I’m pretty much a total poser.  But hey…when in Rome, right? Y’all have never seen anything like Athens, GA on game day. We’re getting swooped right on up in the crazy, and we love it.  

5 comments on “Choosing good over great.

  1. Terisa — Ha!!! The kids probably wouldn’t give up their TTU gear….they’re Texas natives and have that inborn Texas pride thing going on! Unlike their mom and dad who were only transient Texans. :) Miss you so much. 

  2. I know what you mean. I don’t post sometimes because I think – this isn’t really interesting or my blog is lame compared to the other blogs I like. I didn’t start my blog to become some cool business or anything. I want to keep family/friends updated but I really want to use it like a scrapbook for myself later. I need to remember that more often & not worry about having “perfect” posts. Thanks for the reminder!

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