The Cliffs have landed.

So it turns out, homelessness is not conducive to blogging. And homeless we have been.

pulling out of Lubbock

On July 25th, we sold our home in Lubbock, TX, and until this week had been living in some variation of hotels, vacation rentals, and in the extra bedroom of gracious friends.  So, obviously, as “homelessness” goes….we were doing pretty well!

This spring we felt the Lord stirring some things in our hearts, and knew clearly that a change was a’comin’.  After a series of sacred echoes pointing the way, we made the decision to transition out of one great place, and into another great place.  (Click the links for Jonathan’s take on all that.) We put our home on the market, and it sold! Quickly! Before we knew exactly where we were going.  (It was okay, we were confident there was a plan and that sooner or later God would let us in on the details.)

His plan was a good one.  A good, good plan. The Cliffs are the newest residents of Oconee County, Georgia!  We will be playing, learning, serving and working with the great people of Athens Church. Northeast GA is a long, long haul from West TX — we were pretty thrilled when we finally arrived!

So. Here we are! We two Okies, with three little Texans in tow, have somehow found ourselves in Georgia.  God knew all along.  We have learned that whether in the green country of Oklahoma, the plains of West Texas, or the rolling hills of North Georgia, God is faithful.  Amazed yet again at His goodness.

Many more stories to tell.  Stay tuned.

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