Few emotions rival feeling a healthy pride in your kids.  Watching them navigate this big move we all just made, has left me nearly bursting with it.

When we sold our home without a new one to move into, those three kids sailed out into the vast unknown right along with me and Jonathan.  We didn’t have firm answers to their questions about where we would be moving…where or when they’d go to school…how far away they’d be from Texas and their beloved Texas Rangers….we just honestly didn’t know.  And those three amazed me.  There were questions and fears that sprung up, certainly, but they had a (you guessed it) child-like faith that their Mom and Dad knew what was best.  They accepted our assurances that everything would eventually work out for their good, and accepted the challenge to enjoy the adventure in the meantime.

People. That’ll preach.

Thank you, Lord, for teaching me a lesson about trusting in the love of a Father.  
Help me to enjoy the ride  even when I don’t know where it’s taking me.  

There are my three troopers on their first day of school.  Their school started 3 weeks ago and was already in full swing when we arrived.  The Cliff crew marched in with what I called “excitement and bravery!”….but there was also quite a bit of sheer resolve I’m sure. No complaints or [voiced] fears from any of them.  Thank you Lord.
If they look a little tired in that picture, it’s because their mama got lost in downtown Atlanta the night before.  I was following Jonathan, and I missed an exit.  I was soon after hopelessly, frustratingly lost.  Like…so lost that I had hoped to have us home by 9:00 and it was 10:30 by the time I pulled in the driveway.  Turns out that driving in the rain, in the dark, in a new place, in a big city, with lots of traffic….transforms me into somewhat of a beast.  A short-tempered beast who yells a lot at tired, cranky children.  Apologies were rendered and graciously accepted.  

2 comments on “Pride

  1. They look so brave (and precious!)

    Were you at Ikea? I always get lost and cranky when I try to go to Ikea. Then I have to come home and put together all the junk . . . makes me a little cranky now just thinking about it.

    Let’s try to get together sometime soon. Let us know when you guys are feeling more settled.

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