people change.

people change.

It’s inevitable.  We all change.  Hopefully in good ways but probably in some bad ones too.

Jonathan just shakes his head in silent wonder when I craft or sew or read internet tutorials on how to bring a dirty cookie sheet back to it’s original shiny glory…because that is NOT the woman he married.  Indeed, 10 years ago I counted Martha Stewart as one of the most ridiculous people on the planet; now I admit to having watched a tutorial or seventy on her website.

I think those are good changes.

I have changed in ways that might be bad too.  I’m bolder, and quicker to speak my mind.  (Good and bad.) I’m more likely to hold grudges.  (Am I getting crankier as I age?  Working on that!)  I have accepted that some things about me will never change, that probably should change.  Acceptance can be good; acceptance of faults that need to change, that’s maybe not so good. (My bed is currently piled halfway to the ceiling with laundry.) (We have 10 foot ceilings and I was being literal.) (I’m kinda nonchalant about the pile of laundry.)  (I’m pretty much okay with it actually. It’s our normal.)

He’s changed too.  For the sake of marital bliss, I’ll stick with the good ways.  I can really only think of good ways:

He’s slower to judge people.  He’s quicker to say Thank You and I love you; to everyone, not just me.  He never says a word when he’s forced to sift through the dryer for clean socks; manages to do it pleasantly in fact.  He sees some things in gray and not always in black and white; I think that’s a good thing.  He speaks his mind but it’s with less abruptness and more gentleness.  He’s quick to offer a sincere apology.  He’s an even better speaker and preacher, and he’s always been my very favorite.

So people change. I think young love birds would do well to know that the person they marry will not be the person they are living with some 15 years later.  But the fun part is that you get to be a big part of shaping that change, you get to see prayers answers (just keep praying), and you get to enjoy watching a person become who they were created to be.

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