not just for spoons and forks

I saw this idea for toothbrush/toothpaste/misc. storage on a friend’s Pinterest page, and had to go that same day – yay, that very hour-  to buy a flatware utensil organizer.  Is this brilliant or what?!? Fits perfectly in the top drawer in the bathroom.  Ahh the joy that simple solutions bring to my home management heart.
I already keep my earrings in ice cube trays and was excited enough about that for a blog post too.  This whole concept could be becoming a thing with me.

3 comments on “not just for spoons and forks

  1. So funny!!! And yes, Ryan did scoff about it. Dylan got an appliance this week from the orthodontist, and along with our $1k plus bill, a new toothbrush. How very generous of the orthodontist. Ha!!

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