it was a sneak attack!

I was doing feeding therapy with a precious 8 week old premature baby boy this week.  Mom was holding the baby, giving him a bottle, and I was leaned in close beside them on the couch.  I was deep in therapist mode, noting the strength of his lip seal, his breathing coordination, etc.  Deep in thought, mind you.  Focused completely on this baby, you see.

Out of nowhere his 2 year old big sister approaches in a sneak attack and wallops the heck out of my forehead with a plastic rain stick.    

Make no mistake.  This thing looks innocent enough, but when wielded like a baseball bat it can pack a punch.

I let out a loud, compulsory “OUCH!”, and was grateful I didn’t say anything more colorful. (Not that I get a whole lot more colorful, but still…I was glad I didn’t teach the 2 year old a new word-o-the-day.) I grabbed my head, sure there would be major blood loss, but alas there was just a small cut and moderate size knot.  The knot was a decent size when it initially happened, but when I finally got home to try and get sympathy from anyone it had shrunk significantly.  I knew I should have taken a picture.

I have never been in a fight, nor played a contact sport…so at the age of 33 a two-year old managed to give me the hardest hit I’ve ever experienced to date.  That’s….kinda sad.  Ha! 

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