Happy Birthday

I started Lost in Laundry five years ago today!
Thanks to all my readers who have been there from the beginning.  (Hi, Mom.)
It’s changed a lot since the beginning, this documenting of life.  Things that used to merit a blog post now get a quick Facebook update instead.  Pictures that used to post here, now usually go on Instagram.  It changes quick, this here technology.
As I realized the fifth anniversary was approaching, I spent a lot of time looking back thru old posts.  And I don’t feel a bit bad about it.  Time well spent. After all, the whole reason for starting this blog was to help me remember the small moments that mattered enough at the time for me to write about them!  
And I do love nostalgia.
Reading back thru my old posts, I remember what a challenge it was to raise toddlers, and I’m grateful for how far we’ve come!  (A two year old Lauyrn once cried 25 minutes and said I wasn’t her friend because I asked her to drink her milk at the table? I once tried to pay a stranger at the park for a diaper? I had blocked that stuff out until I read about it!) 
Here are a few of my favorite posts thru the years.  
I obviously expect no one except maybe my mother to click every link:
The 23rd Psalm Has Never Sounded So Cute (uh..I never had my other two never memorize it.)
It’s Mo.  With an M. (a fan favorite)
Well…here’s to the next five years! I expect many adventures, and know my God will be faithful through all of it. The next time I sit down to peruse the last five years of my memories, my kids will be 14, 13, and 11.  And that time will be here in a blink.

6 comments on “Happy Birthday

  1. I don’t have to click every link because I remember most of those so well just from the titles. I feel like I know your family so well because of your blog and I love reading it. Happy Birthday, Lost in Laundry!

  2. Happy Bloggy Birthday! I can’t wait to click on every single one of those links! You’re right, it DOES go by in a blink. Just last week my now-11-year-old was 6 and oh my, it goes so, so incredibly fast. 🙁

  3. I just sat here while my whole family was sleeping and clicked on every link. mostly jumping around but then found myself reading them all! I have to say, I loved “naked Sam”. That was some good stuff!! I laughed for a pretty good while after that one!

  4. o Edo , po cfardo lloj inisjative qe ju doni te merni per ata eshte thjesht nje thenie e rastit, pasi kultura politike dhe persnale e tyre eshte pothuajse 0 , . Por ne shtrpqaitet duhet te durojme dhe pak sa ti heqim nga kemba hajdutet dhe kusaret.

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