graphic chicken carcass image ahead

Admittedly, I am no culinary genius.  But I have recently made a startling discovery.  Did you know that you can LIFT UP the skin of a chicken, and rub the seasonings directly on the meat?!?  (Told you.  Not a culinary genius.  I’m pulling a good C average in all things culinary, aiming to increase my GPA this year.)  I was always annoyed at creating rubs out of various spices to rub on the chicken, that would then just get discarded as none of my family eats the skin. 
So, there you go.  My fact-o-the-day for anyone out there who was not previously enlightened about the lifting-of-the-chicken-skin.  If there, uh, are any of you.  
Sorry good chicken, for exposing you in this way and then photographing it.
Click here for my favorite recipe for roasting a whole chicken in the crock pot. So easy!  So good!  And then, as seen on the recipe link,  just go right ahead and make some homemade broth! You’ll feel so good you did. You will feel your culinary GPA elevating with every container you fill with your homemade broth.  Or maybe that’s just me. 

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