Fourth Annual Coffee-Girl Dinner

A group of friends and I meet (sporadically – we are all moms ya know) on Thursday’s nights for coffee and conversation.  And laughs.  Lots and lots of laughs.

We’ve made it a tradition to get together for a Christmas Dinner every year, where we each bring different ingredients and prepare a meal together.  I blogged about our first dinner here, the second year of green-chile enchiladas somehow went unblogged (travesty!), our omelette lesson from last year is documented here, and this current post marks our fourth year.  It seems at once unbelievable that I’ve known these ladies that long, and unbelievable that I haven’t known them longer.  Know what I mean?

This year, my friend Terisa brought her raclette grill and we cooked at the table as we ate.  I had never seen or heard of a raclette until Terisa introduced it to us, but it’s super fun.  Different cooking oils, veggies, seasoning, and meats are all in serving dishes around the table and you throw on the raclette whatever combo you want.  Smoked sausage, black beans and corn in your pile, cooking alongside your friends shrimp, squash and mushroom in her pile.  Then you decide that her pile looked pretty good, so you replicate it the next go round! So good.

There were a couple times at dinner when I had to resist the urge to break into a heartfelt soliloquy about what these ladies and their friendship means to me. I hadn’t prepared notes or anything, and didn’t feel quite confident enough to bust into poetry off the cuff.  What a fun night and great tradition.  Looking forward to next year ladies, and what new stories we’ll have to share.

“Thank you Lord, for these women as well as other women in Lubbock and elsewhere, that encourage me and help me see Your nature and heart!  I see Your creativity, passion, love, and grace represented in the lives of these beautifully imperfect, forgiven, amazing women.”

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