Favorite Ornaments

I bought this ornament in the campus bookstore, right before I graduated Northeastern State University in December of 1999.  We moved to TX soon after.

NSU was a great place to go to college, and a wonderful time of my life. I met some of my lifelong friends at Northeastern and had incredible experiences there.  Gotta make plans to take the kids to Tahlequah next summer.  It’s time they see beautiful Seminary Hall, and be forced to pretend to listen and politely nod as me and Jonathan endlessly reminisce.

When I hang this ornament, I think of camping out along the Illinois River…worshipping and singing while good friends played the guitar…growing up, and falling in more in love with Jesus…fun times with roommates in the dorms…planning a wedding and getting married…the good stuff.

Hey NSU alumni – did you know you can enroll your kids in the Legacy Program if you are a member of the Alumni Association?  We enrolled the kids, and at different times they get correspondence and fun stuff in the mail with the NSU logo. Kinda cool.

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