ornaments in love

Don’t you adore the experience of pulling out the ornaments that go on the Christmas tree?  Nostalgia at it’s finest!  I love the hand-made ornaments featuring teeny little handprints from the kids.  I also have a few hand-made ornaments from the kids that have a special place on the back side of the tree.  Like, the side facing the wall.  (Surely I’m not the only mom who does this?)  I’m starting a little blog series this holiday, featuring some of my favorite ornaments.


This is the 14th year for this lovely bride and groom to hang out together on our tree.  It was purchased for us by my grandmother Joanne, who passed away only 6 months after we married.  They had a featured place on our very first Christmas tree.

Over the years they’ve moved to a more obscure place on the tree, losing their front and center spot to more kid-centric creations.  But these two were around before we had kids, and they’ll be around when the kids have moved on to celebrate Christmas with their own families.  
I find this couple quite charming! I’m thankful to still find my groom quite charming as well.

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