I have been singing the praises of my favorite new web find: Spotify.  I am quite the Spotify apostle, but I’ve only successfully proselytized  ONE of my friends into using it… you really must check it out!

It’s an awesome free service that allows you to access and listen to most any and all songs, for free, from your PC or Mac.  Search by song, artist, or album.  (If you pay $9.99 a month, you can get it on your smart phone, without ads.)

One cool part is that you can share playlists with friends! Except, I only have like 5 people I know who are sharing their playlists!

Create playlists for your listening pleasure, and mine.  Here are some I’ve created:

Random Favs New and Old
Babs and Bette and Others That Annoy My Husband
Favorite Worship Songs
Preschool Dance Party

Are you on Spotify?  WHY NOT? Do it!

(Anyone with a facebook account can get Spotify.  If you don’t have facebook and want an invite, shoot me an email using the “contact me” button up there on the top right.)

Obviously not a paid endorsement since they’ve never heard of me.  I just love it.

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