My Little Seamstress

Lauryn’s most loved birthday present this year is a Hello Kitty sewing machine she received from her new friend Violet.  OH MY WORD the excitement.  She waited (not so) patiently until the day after her birthday party for me to figure out how to run this little treasure, then she was off and sewing.

How cute is she?  I love it.  I’m willing to share my sewing table with this cutie pie anytime.  I present her first project:
A girl can never have too many cute bags.  This one is currently holding her lip glosses.  That’s a pretty high honor.  The girl loves her some lip gloss.
The only worrisome thing is that now that she can sew a straight line, she’s pretty much matched my skill level!  We’ll learn together.

One thought on “My Little Seamstress

  1. that’s adorable!
    2 things come to mind:
    this post by creative mom extraordinaire (who also happens have an engaging adoption going on, if you aren’t already following.)
    and this for above your sewing table:

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