Before and After

Are you on Instagram?  It’s a fun photo editing app that also has a social element.  You can follow your friends’ photo streams, leave comments, etc.

I think I’ve realized it’s appeal:  The filters are so darn forgiving.  Slap a filter on a photo…it instantly evens up skin tone, fine lines and wrinkles are softened, and BAM!!!!  Just like that, I look like I do in my mind instead of what I look like in real life.  Well done Instagram.  Well done.

Before and after.
Who else suffers from looking so much better in a dimly lit mirror and in your mind’s eye than you look on camera? I was talking to a friend about this, and she admitted that in her mind she has perfect posture and never has a tummy pooch.  Just how how looks when she stands up straight and sucks in her tummy in front of the mirror!  
I like my mind’s reality.  I choose to live there, and avoid cameras and unfiltered photos that drag me back to the truth…. 

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