Oh yes I did repurpose that shirt.

Repurposed the heck out of it.  Two shirts in fact!

I have been wanting to make a diaper clutch for our foster baby, but didn’t have any boy fabric in my stash.  But I did have two men’s shirts that were headed to Goodwill!  That’s right. I am now cutting up garments to use in sewing projects.  One step closer to becoming my Grandmother.

These diaper clutches (tutorial here at A Lemon Squeezy Home)  are super quick to sew up, and I think they make fun personalized baby shower gifts.  It holds a couple of diapers and a wipes case, for those quick trips in the grocery store when you don’t want to take in the entire giant diaper bag.  (But you also don’t want to risk going in with no diaper or wipes…that never ends well.  Going anywhere with no diapers or wipes is an invitation for baby to have the blowout of the year.)

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