The kids asked to make a lemonade stand, so I found an old sheet and some yellow paint and set them to work.

They decided to give away free lemonade, and went one evening and knocked on the neighbors’ doors offering “a cool, sweet, free glass of refreshing lemonade” at their stand.  (Seriously, who’s gonna turn down that offer from a cute little 5 year old girl? Who has obviously been coached on what to say by the  brothers flanking her on both sides.) They wrangled up a good amount of customers and managed to make $3 bucks in unsolicited tips off their “free” stand.  
The entrepreneurs.
Lauryn showing some business prowess, wearing a yellow apron and hair bow to match her product. 
It turned out to be a great way to get to know our neighbors a little better!  We had a good time chatting with the kids and parents that made their way over.  It was so hot that the promised “cool, refreshing” glass of lemonade turned quickly into a “watered down because the ice melted, kinda warmish” glass…but no one complained!

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