Summertime in Pictures

It’s summertime!  Flying by too quickly already. (I may be experiencing a bit of mild anxiety about my baby girl starting kindergarten, causing the days to speed by at an alarming rate.)

How much longer can I hold her like this?

A few highlights of summer 2011 so far:

-Camp Dry Gulch with 50 amazing kids from Trinity church (2 of them mine) – see pictures and read highlights here

-Seeing my BFF Lisa and her family, “home” from Japan for a few months this summer.  Our kids got to hang out and get to know each other (and totally enjoy each other), which feels like a priceless gift given how rarely we get to be together.  Here are the oldest enjoying a staple of  summertime in Tulsa – the QuikTrip Fountain Drink.

-Having a slumber party with 4 friends from high school.  An old school SLUMBER PARTY, complete with facials, chocolate, talking/laughing/crying til the wee hours, and sleeping in until nearly noon.  I highly recommend you try it.  Here you have Amy, Me, Lisa, and Nadia.  (Missing from the picture is the beautiful Margo, who decided it was finally time she return to her husband and children before we remembered to take a picture!)

- Spending time with my niece and nephews!  Connor (4, and so, so handsome and smart), Elizabeth (1, and so, so coy and hard to win over; although she did let Uncle Jonathan hold her hand!) and Alex (6 month old baby who makes my heart flutter).  They are delightful. Oh yeah, and it was good to see their moms and dads too. But I fully admit they are now the afterthought.

I had hoped to include a picture of my summertime bountiful harvest of tomatoes…but, uh…my topsy turvy planter has yet to produce a bounty.  It’s yet to produce anything.  Is there still time for a home grown tomato to appear?  I remain vigilant in my hoping.

2 comments on “Summertime in Pictures

  1. yay for getting to spend time with friends that are more like sisters & share your sentiment for the gift of kids loving each other too. it’’s..well just like you said, priceless.
    how fun that you did a slumber party & can i just say you look beautiful in that photo! beautiful. time with good friends back at “home” looks good on you, girl.

  2. oh & notice i’m not touching the kids going to kindergarten thing here or in your text the other day. so many emotions all at once. but for you, good Lord, your YOUNGEST is going. all 3 of them in school. wow! new stage of life.

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