Gettin’ Scrappy

I decided to use up some of my fabric scraps and craft up some cuteness today.

First up, I decided to quilt together some semi-coordinating scraps for a burp cloth.  I decided to use my rotary cutter instead of scissors because I really need to learn how to wield that thing! I only messed up like 3 times.  Maybe 4:

Below is a pic of the finished product with a matching fabric flower hair clip.  (Why would a hair clip need to match a burp cloth? These are the questions we do not ask in the midst of a crafting frenzy.)

These fabric flowers are my new favorite thing to make, tutorial here.  (No sewing required!  Just scissors and a glue gun.)

I need to buy some more metal hair clips so I can whip up some more of these to have on hand as little girl gifts.  Cute on a package, don’t you think?

2 comments on “Gettin’ Scrappy

  1. Love it! I have the same issues with rotary cutters. I love finding things to do with the “leftovers” that you can’t throw away. Hazaa to you!

  2. Seriously, why are those rotary cutters so tricky? I went to a sewing class a couple times, and those women were using those things at lightening speed. I was a little scared someone was gonna lose a finger.

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