My new sink, installed beautifully by Mr. Jonathan Cliff:

Right now, I’m motivated to keep my dishes done and my sink empty, so I can fully enjoy it’s shiny, white, sparkly glory.  
I would wager that motivation will last about another day or so.
The sink installation was a study in our (mine and Jonathan’s) personalities:
The old sink is starting to leak.  We hate the faucet.  We hate the scratched and dull stainless steel.
Me:  Just find a new home for the stuff under the sink so it doesn’t get damp, and live with it.  
Him:  Replace the sink and faucet.
We don’t know how to replace a sink and faucet.
Me:  We don’t know how to replace a sink and faucet.  Hire someone. Or just keep the old one.
Him: I don’t know how to replace a sink and faucet, but I’m quite sure I can learn.
This new cast iron sink is really, really freaking heavy.
Me: I can’t help you lift it.  Wait ’til tomorrow when it’s not so late and call the neighbor to help you.
Him:  I will lift this sink and install it tonight. Even without your help. Even if it kills me.
So yes, Jonathan is slightly more driven and motivated than I am. And he did get that sink installed without anyone’s help. But I would also like to point out that I did not pull any muscles in my back or shoulder, and could get out of bed the next day pain-free.  Someone else I know can’t say that.  Ahem. 

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