More tempting than candy.

There is a ton of Easter Candy around here right now.  I’ve had my share, no doubt.

But there is something I find even more tempting than Skittles and Fun Size Snickers.

Mmm, mmm Mama loves these!!!!  What else to do with all those dyed Easter Eggs but make deviled eggs?

I must ask….What is an acceptable number of deviled eggs to eat at one time?  I could put away a tray of these things.  And it takes serious will power to actually put the filling back into the eggs.  I’d really rather just eat it with a spoon.

How do you make your eggs?  I’m a classic kinda girl.  Mayo.  Mustard. Salt. Pepper.  Paprika.

But.  Last night I was craving these suckers and we were out of Mayo! I use ranch dressing, spicy mustard, and just for kicks some cayenne pepper on top.  Good stuff!

Gonna go pop my head in the fridge and sneak another one.  Or two.

5 comments on “More tempting than candy.

  1. this will be like the sonic thing, but i’m not sure i’ve ever had a deviled egg. i must have sometime in my life, just don’t remember. i made some this morning thinking of your post & bored with eating hard-boiled eggs. YUM!

  2. I don’t know how Ann (Aunt) makes hers but I think they are the yummiest. We’ll have to ask her sometime. I’d choose a deviled egg over candy too. It must be a family thing.

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