Is plotting revenge a developmental milestone?

A story about job hazards:

I work part-time as a Speech-Language Pathologist.  I work in early intervention with babies age birth to three, travelling to their homes to provide speech and/or feeding therapy.

Every Wednesday, I see a precious little 21-month-old girl.
The child can’t stand the sight of me.  It’s because she disdains the work I make her do, and I’m sure she’ll come around to me eventually, but right now our relationship is characterized by her backing slowly across the room away from me, giving me the evil eye.
But today! Today was different!  Today she was standing at her front door, and waved as I approached. When I went in the house, she brought me a Mr. Potato Head and we started playing together.  She even sat down in my lap!
That’s when I realized that she had a poopy diaper. A bad one. An explosive blow out.  It leaked all over my jeans.
I momentarily wondered if she did it on purpose…..
The end.

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