Fav After School Snack

The kids like to come home and make smoothies after school.  Here’s our current fav:

1 can Hawaii’s Own Pineapple Starfruit Frozen Concentrate
1 cup water
1 cup milk
2 bananas
1 or 2 cups of crushed ice (I fill up the empty juice can twice.)

Blend and enjoy while watching your favorite after school shows! (It’s enjoyed while viewing “Fetch!” at our house!)

If you have family members that hate bananas (Ryan and Jonathan), serve their portion before you add the bananas.  More banana-y goodness for the rest of you!

4 comments on “Fav After School Snack

  1. Mmm, sounds good – except for the banana part. EWWW! I hate bananas especially in smoothies. Michael’s tried to trick me before thinking I won’t be able to taste the banana but I can tell in one sip. Blech. 🙂

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