That faint whiff of vinegar following me…

….would be because my daughter Lauryn apparently needed a good spot to store a half-eaten dill pickle.  She decided my purse was just the place!  I found it after it lived there a couple of days.  (Yes, my purse is a black hole.  A dill pickle is merely a sampling of the things I’ve found in its depths.)

In other Lauryn news, please say a prayer for her today as she is getting tubes in her ears, and her tonsils and adenoids removed.  We appreciate prayers for a quick recovery!

There’s the patient, posing with one of the many pajamas that her Gigi mailed her so she could 
rest and recover in style!  Thanks Gigi! (aka great-grandma) 

3 comments on “That faint whiff of vinegar following me…

  1. Miss Starr, I’ll be praying for Lauryn! When I had my tonsils and adenoids taken out (which was the best thing in the world for me, seriously, at age 22– no more tonsilitis!) I lived off of chocolate Boost. I loved it both room temp and cold. Great stuff. Wonderful on an empty stomach. Hope you find something awesome for Lauryn to be “treated” to as she recovers. ^_^

  2. This really tickled my funny bone. HA! Okay, but my first thought was a recollection of you and that horrible smell when we ate at LJS in high school; you always stunk up my car with your vinegar on your fish!!! :-)

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