I’m feeling……

…lucky that my kids and I share a special gift:  we both have grandparents who find nearly everything we do genius and delightful. (Well, mine did back when I was a kid!)

…happy that a friend told me that dill pickles are nearly calorie-free.  Yay for dill pickles.

…confused as to why I’m growing my hair out.  Looked in the mirror and I kinda hate it.  But I refuse to cut it, because just once I want to have truly long hair.  Have a few more inches to go before reaching truly long hair status.

…conflicted because I nearly posted “Do everything without complaining” Phil 2:14 as my facebook status.  But then I didn’t, because I realized I would only be doing so as a passive-aggressive compliant against all the people whose use facebook to incessantly complain about their life.  And that would just be wrong in a judgmental, circular kinda way.

…nervous because I have to speak in front of a large group of people very soon.  I’m not nervous about speaking.  I’m nervous about choosing an outfit.  I stink at choosing outfits. (Or that could just be some transference and I really am nervous about speaking.  Likely.)

…melancholy because I miss my friend Lisa who lives all the way in Japan. That’s a long way.

…hungry, because I’ve limited my diet to nothing but dill pickles.  Just kiddin’.

One thought on “Randomosities

  1. Your talk last year was everything: entertaining, inspirational, convicting, & thought-provoking! I’m not just throwing out adjectives here. Promise.) you looked comfortable-like you felt like yourself- in your outfit & I think that makes all the difference. Wish I could be there. Loved last year. (outfit above is perfect! & totally findable @TJMaxx or Target!)

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