Latest Efforts at Craftiness

I have found that I enjoy sewing/crafting projects that last no more than one afternoon.  That’s my niche. Ha!  I don’t have a sewing space, so when using the kitchen table I want to be able to drag all my sewing stuff out, finish up a project in a couple hours, then be done with it.

Here’s my latest efforts:

A couple of diaper clutches
for my friend Stacie’s baby girl Maddie, 
who will be making her entrance into the world soon:

And February was “National Embroidery Month” (yes, it’s nerdy that I know that), so my late contribution was a kitschy magnet I made for a friend who loves owls:
And lastly, this cute Monster Tooth Pillow. 
It gobbles up teeth, and spits out money! 
Found the pattern here

4 comments on “Latest Efforts at Craftiness

  1. Yeah, I should have noted that dollar bill was a photgraphic prop only. My kids will have to root around in it’s mouth for their nickels and dimes. 🙂

    Did Coe put a TOENAIL under his pillow?!? Expecting to get money? I do not remember that. Gross and hilarious.

  2. When Coe was a little guy he smashed his big toe. Everybody kept telling him he would probably lose it. He finally asked, “if I put my big toenail under my pillow will the big toenail fairy leave me money?”

  3. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the diaper/wipes holders. They are oh, so cute, & it is the first & only personalized baby item I have for her. (I guess that is just natural when it’s the 3rd girl.)Thank you, Thank you!

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