I don’t hate St. Patrick’s Day.

But I could see why you might think so:

After seeing a lot of craft blogs talking about using freezer paper stencils on fabric, I decided to give it a try.  The boys had this old shirt with a stain on front, so I used it as my “trial run.”  
When I texted an image of my project to my friend Cheri, she replied asking, “Are you anti St. Patrick’s day?”  Hilarious!  But I have nothing against March 17th.  In explanation for a skull and crossbones shirt in that shade of green… The boys school mascot is a pirate; and the shirt, regrettably, had green sleeves in a shade that I happened to also have in paint. Thus, the green skull was born.
Now that I’ve seen how easy it is, I’m totally making Lauryn a L-O-V-E shirt for Valentine’s Day.  So easy, we can create it together as a mother-daughter project without me wanting to pull my hair out!  

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  1. I just used acrylic, but you’re “supposed” to use fabric paint. I just kinda wanted to see how the process worked with this one, with stuff I already had. For next time I’ll use fabric paint.

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