That would be one intense Children’s Ministry meeting.

Today while getting slushies at Sonic’s Happy Hour, Ryan asks,

“Can we get a drink for Daddy and take it to his office?”

“No, we can’t because he’s in a meeting for another hour or so.”

“Oh.  [long thoughtful pause]  Where does Daddy meet with people when he has meetings?”

“It just depends..sometimes in his office, sometimes in other people’s offices.”

[disappointed sigh]

“Why do you ask Ryan?”

“It’s just that when you say he’s in a meeting, I’ve always imagined he was in a small dark room, with nothing but a table that fills the whole room, and a single lightbulb barely lighting up the faces of everyone in the meeting.”

It’s these conversations that make me wonder what else is happening in that imaginative 8 year old brain of his.

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