I’m really without a title for this one.

With her allowance, Lauryn bought a baby doll that pees and poops. Oh yes.  Pees…. and poops.

I sewed cloth diapers for it because I refuse to pay $5 for a package of 6 baby-doll diapers.

You’d think there would be a catchy title for a post about that series of events….but I’m really without words.

Lauryn paid $24 dollars for the privilege of changing fake poopy diapers.  
And I spent an afternoon sewing cloth diapers for a baby doll.
What is there really to say? A strange reality I’m living in…

I don’t know the first thing about cloth diapers for a real infant…..

…..but I now consider myself quite the expert on diapers for baby dolls. 
Don’t be jealous of my many Oh-So-Useful skills.

I used this pattern, but found I needed to add about half an inch to the top and bottom of the pattern for the Baby Alive doll.  Following the original pattern left her butt crack exposed.  Which would just be wrong.  I also followed the suggestion on this post and added a strip of terry cloth down the middle of the diapers for absorbency.

Here’s “Zoey” modeling her new diaper.  I think she’s a little creepy looking, but don’t tell Lauryn.

Lauryn wasn’t thrilled at first about the cloth diapers, because they aren’t “real”.  It took some convincing to persuade her that some babies really, truly wear cloth diapers.

And above you see the basic ingredients for making your own Baby Alive food.  

Lauryn thinks it was money well spent. The feeding. The peeing.  The pooping. It was all she’d hoped it would be.  

6 comments on “I’m really without a title for this one.

  1. Stephen – then you should thank me for the “censored” box. I included that for light weights like you who might not be as thrilled seeing the poo as Lauryn seems to be. 🙂

  2. Ma’am, I am so sorry. Esther received one of these for Christmas and was utterly delighted. While everyone else was making Christmas lunch, guess who tried to do Baby Alive by herself? Big sister Angela got there just in time, but OH! big sister was disturbed by how realistic the poo is! I haven’t had to change a diaper like that in years! …On a lighter note, Esther was disturbed, too. So, Baby Alive will no longer be eating at the Garcia house. And I have no problem with that.

    Here is the “feeding” video that I posted to YouTube. Enjoy. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RzyVc2lOBeQ

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