I can’t be trusted with small kitchen appliances.

My plan was just to stick the handle of the wooden spoon in the blender, to poke the blueberry smoothie ingredients around a bit.  The ingredients, they were not blending well you see, and I was just going to give them a little momentum.  I mean, what’s that little hole in the blender lid for, if not a stir stick, right?

But I somehow dropped the spoon.  While the blender was on.

That spoon shot straight up in the air and almost touched my 10 foot ceiling.  It was kind of amazing.

In case you’re curious, when a wooden spoon covered in blueberry (BLUEBERRY!!!) smoothie shoots into the air 10 feet, spinning wildly, it sprays smoothie in a 6 foot radius.  Did I mention I have white kitchen cabinets? 

Also, you might find it hilarious when your 8 year old’s hair is covered in purple smoothie at your hand, but he won’t like it if you laugh at him. 

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  1. Did you ever see the Oprah episode where Paula Deen dropped either a dish or utensil into a food processor in operation? Oh my goodness! So, you’re not the only one. I’m sure you’ll still be discovering blueberry residue in nooks and crannies for months to come. Too funny.

  2. Hey Starr……you really need to ask your mom about our “blender incident” we had in Arkansas…what a mess! Guess it runs in the family….lol

  3. Recipes, sewing tips, etc.
    I start to think you are NOT, as you claim, “domestically challenged.” Ah, but then I read the blender story!! You ARE my daughter…hee.

  4. When I was a jr. in college I was making an Italian Cream Cake for a party. The butter wasn’t quite as soft as it should have been for mixing. I turned the mixer off and used my finger to push the butter out. Next thing I know I accidentally turned the mixer back on while my finger was still in it. Anyone who knows me knows that if I am at home alone I may not be appropriately dressed cooking or not. I was wearing tiny little cheerleading shorts and a white wife beater tank with a green apron. Since I had a mixer stuck to my hand with my finger quickly approaching black and bent 180 degrees in the wrong direction, I had no choice but to go…
    It took a while to find someone to drive me to the ER since my car was a stick. Anyway, the ER people thanked me for giving them such a laugh.
    The nurse who came to brace my finger asked me if I worked at Sugars…a strip bar near bye. I was humiliated, but my friend was there and laughed so hard she fell on the floor of the hospital room.
    Great memories…not really! 🙂

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