Omelets. We can make ’em. Good ones.

So this year, for what’s become our “annual-girlfriend-Christmas-dinner”, we all brought ingredients for an over the top, gourmet, breakfast for dinner.

We had a lesson on how to make omelets.  Given that I had never attempted to make an omelet (unless you count boiling them in a bag which totally doesn’t count), I was considerably nervous.

The night unfolded as such:  Our “master omelet maker” first gave a demonstration (she watched a lot of Alton Brown to prepare), then after her lesson we each made a rockin’ good 3 egg omelet that we cut into 7 pieces and shared.  It was awesome. Bacon, cheese, hash browns, green chiles… these were just a few of the ingredients at our disposal to wield as we wished.

Okay.  So. Reading back over those sentences I just wrote…..this doesn’t sound as cool as it was. Obviously the greatness of omelet night does not transfer to the written word. Just trust me – it was awesome.  Gather your friends and try it!

We’re cute.  And we make omelets.  Our men should be well pleased.  We also had fruit salad with roasted almonds, french toast, and freshly squeezed orange, apple, and carrot juice. Thank you Jack LaLanne!

(My beautiful friend Terisa, front and center, is about to have a baby any day.  Which therefore made it acceptable to talk labor, delivery, and babies all night.  Even more than we normally do.  So for that we thank her. What is it with women and birth stories?)

2 comments on “Omelets. We can make ’em. Good ones.

  1. A big thank you for documenting our evening in such style. Your omelet was quite impressive. I enjoyed this time SO VERY MUCH! Every one of you is a blessing that goes straight to my heart and makes me a better person.

    Thank you too, Starr, for organizing it…and thinking of the idea in the first place!


    Tina we missed you!!

  2. I am incredibly blessed by the friendship God has brought together in this group of amazing ladies!!! Time with you always fills my cup – especially as I prepare to become a mom! You were there with me from the beginning – believing with me for this baby girl.

    Thanks for all your support and wisdom – I can’t wait to see how God writes our birth story.

    love ya!

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