Missing my friend, while wishing her well.

One week ago today, my friends Tina and Dan and their beautiful kids pulled out of Lubbock, bound for their new home on the East Coast.

Tina was one of the first people I really connected with here in Lubbock.  Her friendship was a gift, after a relatively dry season in the friendship department.  We’re different in a lot of ways, but the same in the ways that matter in a friendship.  Tina has a genuine love for God, and a contagious faith.  She believes that God ordains her steps; and after spending much time with her, you began to realize afresh all the ways in which He has ordained your steps as well.  Not only that – she’s fun and funny and just an all around blast to hang out with.

Watching Tina and her family move so far from Lubbock has been a bittersweet time.  I’m saddened because I know I’ll miss her, but also truly excited to see God grant so many desires of her heart.  My heartache at losing one of my “coffee girls” is tempered by seeing God’s hand so obviously at work!

(I also take heart in knowing I can keep up with her via her blog.)

Her new location in Virginia is definitely vacation worthy (mountains in one direction and a beach the other?  You gotta be kiddin’ me!), so here’s hoping we’ll see each other again soon!

Lauryn with her buddy Carter.

Update: If my right eye looks a little squinty in that picture up there, it’s because I had pink eye.  Which I gave her.  The night before she moved.  Worst parting gift in the history of ever.   

One thought on “Missing my friend, while wishing her well.

  1. i don’t think people are noticing your eye because of the shine on my face is so blinding! did i rub pizza grease on it or something? sweet post, friend.

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