Earlene’s Peanut Butter Candy

At Thanksgiving, my grandma brought some candy that Dylan went nutty over. (pun intended)

When we got home, he said, “Call Gigi and ask her how she made that peanut butter candy!  And if she says they only sell the stuff in Oklahoma, I wanna go back to Oklahoma!”  Constantly has me in stitches, that one!

Turns out it’s pretty simple.  Dylan and I made a batch tonight.  We plan to eat half, and take half to our new next door neighbors.  Hopefully we can follow through with the second part of that plan before we just go right ahead and eat it all.

Earlene’s Peanut Butter Candy:

vanilla flavored almond bark

eagle brand sweetened condensed milk
18 ounce Jif creamy peanut butter
1/2 cup chopped pecans
Melt almond bark per package instructions.  Once melted, work QUICKLY to stir in eagle brand, then peanut butter and chopped pecans.  It will start to set up quickly, so work fast to spread it out evenly onto a parchment paper lined cookie sheet.  Allow a few hours to set before cutting into squares.
(I think this would also work just using chunky peanut butter and omitting the pecans. But I’m not one to tinker with Gigi’s recipes.)
If you have a sweet tooth like me and Dylan, you’ve love this stuff! 

I decided to go ahead and package up the neighbors half.  Increase the chances it’ll end up in their hands instead of on my hips. 

2 comments on “Earlene’s Peanut Butter Candy

  1. Hey Starr…..this is your fan club in Arkansas…..I made Earlene’s recipe last night….it was a hit!! My son told me to NOT take any to work…..I did anyway….(he’s not the boss of me…lol) Awesome recipe!!!!

  2. I went on your blog to look at your stockings and could not quit reading all your posts. I copied the peanut butter candy receipt and plan to make some for my kids at Christmas. I did not know that Dina had moved. Things you find out when you read other peoples info! Thanks for your blog. Patty G

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