Sewing 101 Apron + Trend Me

Here’s my first project from the Sewing 101 class I’m taking with some friends! 

How cute is this apron?  Cute, right?  Yeah. I think so too.  I used a pattern and everything. 

Nevermind that I don’t really cook and don’t wear aprons.  Maybe I’ll start.

The cute cherry fabric was among the fabrics my grandma gave me, and the ladies in my sewing class helped me choose the red polka dots to match.

I didn’t sew Lauryn’s outfit.  But she saw the camera and naturally assumed she was needed for a photo op.

Live in Lubbock?  Wanna join us for Sewing 101?  We meet every other Monday night from 7:00-9:00.  Hit that “contact me” button up there on the right if you want more info. We’d love to have you.


And speaking of sewing class, let me tell you about my new friend Jennifer who’s in class with me! She owns a super cool shop here in Lubbock:

They buy, sell, and trade name brand clothing and accessories.  Find them on facebook and go check them out!   Seriously.  Go.  You’ll love it.

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