McCalip Siblings

My mom sent me some pictures she snapped of my grandmother and three of her siblings this weekend.

I brightened this one up, used an effect in called “1960’s”, and added the McCalip name and the year.  I love it:

From left to right:

Aunt Lorene – The eldest of the siblings.  She graciously sewed all my costumes when I was little, for school plays, Halloween, etc.  (Among my favorites was in around 6th grade when I wanted to be Smurfette, and she figured out how to fashion the white hat to stand up and curl over perfectly.)

Aunt Rita – Aunt Rita and her late husband Jim were among my biggest fans when I was growing up.  They never missed a pageant or talent show or play, driving to other towns if needed.  (And even if I didn’t win the contest, I sometimes got a consolation cash prize from Uncle Jim.)  Aunt Rita just made a trip to Lubbock and helped my mom watch the kids a few days while Jonathan and I were out of town.  She’s a trooper. (I won’t tell you her age….but I’ll tell you she doesn’t look it!)

Grandma Earlene –  That’s my grandma! I’ve written about my grandparents here.  She’s the second youngest of the 7 of the McCalip siblings.

Uncle Albert – He’s the youngest of the 7 McCalip siblings. Growing up, I learned there was a good chance Uncle Albert could be found eating breakfast at Hardee’s with a group of his friends.  I saw him there one mid-morning in high school, when my friend Amy and I were skipping school to procure concert tickets.  If he wondered why we were there on a school day he didn’t say anything. I don’t think he would have ratted me out anyway, even if he was suspicious.

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