Teach them to use the brakes.

I learned to ride my bike at my grandparents house in the country, in their long, flat gravel driveway.

When I mastered the art of riding with no training wheels, we loaded up the bike and took it back to my house in town.  In my very hilly, very non-flat neighborhood.

I started at the top of 6th St. I was flying down that hill and gaining speed with every second, when I realized I had no idea how to stop.  I tried putting my feet down like I did in my grandparents driveway, and they simply bounced off the ground and flailed out behind me. I could swear there were sparks flying off the tips of my sneakers as they hit the asphalt.  I finally landed in a ditch, crashing spectacularly.  It was a long tear-filled walk back up that hill. 

This week as I watched my six year old riding his bike, I noticed that he was just planting his feet down on the ground when we wanted to stop.  No use of the brakes at all.  Doesn’t work when flying down a hill, kid.  I know Lubbock is flat but you might encounter a hill someday. We’re totally having a lesson about using the brakes.


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  1. I’m actually “lol”-ing! I remember running along beside both you and Coe on the short, very short, only stretch of flat street in the neighborhood..and lots of trips to parks and parking lots. As for the brake lesson, I won’t admit to forgetting that part..I just thought when you finally got the hang of it you liked to go really really fast!! 🙂

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