Or What.

Scene:  Dylan and I are watching a Tivo’d episode of CBS Sunday Morning.

The story is about a stuntman/women show in Omaha, NE.  The featured stuntman is “Spanky” – a middle age man who climbs in a car, gets lifted by a crane 100 feet in the air with the nose of the car pointed straight down, and is then dropped onto a pile of cars below in a loud explosion of crushed steel and fireworks.  He’s pulled out of the car dazed, and likely suffering a concussion.

I’m thinking “What is wrong with people?  That is so stupid.  Why would someone do that?  And even more worrisome, why would all those people in the audience spend good money to go watch it?”  There was much judgment and shaking of the head.

As I’m lost in a sea of thought about how the world has lost it’s collective mind, Dylan exclaims with much adoration,

“Is that guy BRAVE or what?!?” 

Here’s a clip, if you’d like to judge humanity as doomed and shake your head in disbelief right along with me!  The drop doesn’t happen until about 1:09.  Get your 7 year old boy to watch it with you.  He’ll totally think it’s cool. 

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  1. I’ve been thinking a lot about how people in a crowd will do and say things that they’d never do by themselves (like cheering for a guy named Spanky to be dropped from a crane in a car). I think I have a blog post brewing about this “mob mentality.”

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