Just use two plates.

I made pancakes and eggs for dinner.  (This was pretty much my only option, as I spent this afternoon doing a whole lot of nothing, putting off the grocery shopping for just one. more. day.)

Then, in a moment of hasty preparation, I got the pepper for my eggs on my pancakes….and the syrup for my pancakes seeped over into my scrambled eggs. Peppered pancakes and syrupy scrambled eggs are gross. Gross and wrong.

Don’t let this happen to you.  When the pantry is empty, and you turn to the ol’ standby of eggs and pancakes, don’t let pepper contamination and syrup seepage ruin your dinner!  And not only ruin your dinner, but shame you into repentance over the barren and desolate condition of your fridge and pantry when you discover there is nothing else to eat. 

Just use two plates. A plate for the eggs.  A plate for the pancakes.  That is all.

(You thought the lesson would be “Go ahead and do the grocery shopping”, didn’t you?  Nope.)


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  1. Just remember your college days… Pack some ramen noodles in the upper shelf. Or you could even get fancy and break out the peanut butter and STRAWBERRY jelly sandwhichs. Those are golden around this house.

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