Turns out, astrology is dumb. And I love my husband.

I heard someone mention their horoscope recently.  I was reminded that when I was in college, I worked one summer at a Clothing Consignment Store.  It was owned and operated by an older lady, who one day asked about mine and Jonathan’s birth dates.  When I told her she replied:

“Oh.  Oh no.  That is not good.  That’s a very, very bad combination.  Your astrological signs do NOT make a good match.  You are a terrible pairing!  You should get out of this relationship immediately.”

I can’t overstate the level of passion with which she implored me to break off my engagement.  It’s comical, while simultaneously offensive. Obviously, I did not heed her advice.

I reassured her that I was in fact marrying Jonathan, assured that he was the one for me, even given the “ominous alignment of stars and planets.”  [Yes, she really did say ominous.] I’m even more assured 12 years and some months later that Jonathan and I are indeed a good match.  A great match even.  

So in celebration of overcoming our astrological odds [insert eye roll], here are just a few things for which I’ve thanked my husband recently:

Thank you for saving the best of your creativity, passion, and love for your family.

Thank for your driving a 12 year old car, and teaching your children that giving lavishly is more important that having lavish stuff. (thank you also for working hard and budgeting diligently, so someday we can do both)

Thank for relentlessly telling me I’m beautiful, even after I roll my eyes and disagree heartily.

Thanks for spending both quality and quantity time with your kids.

Thanks for choosing us above anything and anyone else.

Who knew that a Pisces could be so wonderful?  [to be read with a heavy hint of sarcasm]

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