Reusable Snack Bag

Lauryn goes to Trinity Learning Center’s four-year-old class two days a week. I send her with a lunch, as well as a separately packed afternoon snack.

Today I made her this little bag, to use in place of brown paper bags for her afternoon snack.

I modified this pattern to make it the dimensions I wanted (tall enough for her water bottle), and it took me less than an hour or so!

(Disclaimer: An hour after my first failed attempt.)  (You can add that statement “after my first failed attempt” to any sewing project I’ve ever completed.)

After completing it according to the pattern directions, I decided it needed  handle.  Here’s the finished project, packed up and ready with her water bottle and granola bar:

And just like that, my need to make something crafty every month or so is satisfied.  Now on to the laundry pile…..

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